Media Training with Morris and Larson Advisors takes high-impact executives to the next level with skills such as impeccable public speaking, an unshakeable demeanor, authoritative poise, a visibly calm nature, and other valuable assets to enhance public leadership and appearance. With our extensive background in high-profile media and premier public speaking engagements, we work closely with you to implement the necessary composure and confidence to convey your knowledge and expertise in a sophisticated manner.

Specifically, Jonathan Morris demonstrates years of experience as an anchor and analyst for platforms such as CNN, Fox News, the BBC, Sky News, the History Channel, and more. Morris has also been interviewed by Larry King, Anderson Cooper, Shepard Smith, Bill Hemmer, Christiane Amanpour, and others. As a world-renowned advisor and author, Morris brings an unparalleled level of expertise to our Media Training service.

We work with you to unlock your inner strengths to better leverage your unique personality both on and off camera. Through the best in modern leadership and behavioral theory, Morris and Larson Advisors improves your presentation abilities and broadens your impact and reach as a well-respected leader and public figure.

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